What you need to know about rocking chairs


Rocking chairs are types of chairs that have 2 curved bands that connect the legs on each side to each other. These allow people to rock themselves by shifting their weight back and forth or by lightly pushing the ground. They are very relaxing and elegant. They could be added to any room to give it an instant makeover.

When was the first rocking chair made?

The first rocking chairs appeared at the beginning of the 18th century. They were simply ordinary chairs with bands attached to them so that they could be rocked back and forth. They were mainly connected to parenting because the rocking motion soothed infants. Mothers would sit in these chairs and rock their children to sleep.

Later Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, helped the design become more popular. By that time, bentwood rocking chairs were widely used because of their beautiful designs and lightweight.

What does a rocking chair look like?

Traditionally speaking a rocking chair would have a long back and 2 armrests. It might even have a foot support. The long back is designed to support the back and the neck. There is a slight comfortable inclination unlike normal chairs, like dining room chairs. The inclination is perfect to take the weight off the lower back and allows the person to relax. Some rocking chairs have shorter backs or no foot support. The designs vary to match the style of the surroundings.

What are rocking chairs made of?

Classical designs are usually made of wood. Wood gives a sense of warmth and elegance and is widely used because of its stability and resistance to wear. Maple wood, cherry wood, walnut wood and mahogany wood are usually used to make rocking chairs because they are hard and stable. The design and the place where you are planning to use the rocking chair will affect the type of wood chosen.

More modern and contemporary designs use metal and polymers instead of or in addition to wood. These styles offer the same level of comfort but are made to match different decorations and personal preferences. Modern rocking chairs would still have the rocking bands at the bottom but could be more versatile when it comes to the choice of fabric or the place where the chair would be used. They are also usually lighter.


Understanding the attributes of different rocking chairs will help you choose the best one for you.