The answer to computation dilemma

Are you kidding me? For so long I have been calculating things manually, that apparently, there are good websites that will do it for you, the exact same service. I’m not a mathematician, and that’s been so much mental energy straining over how to figure these things out. I’ve sat there with my syllabus, and my marks from a semester, and deliberately been trying to figure out how well I need to do on my exam to get the mark that I want, or, vice versa, how poorly I would need to fail an exam to fall out of the range that I am comfortable with each evening in a course. I do this, not only isn’t then neurotic tic, because it helps me prioritize what I should be studying for. As you know, students do not have unlimited time, so you need to know what is the best bang for your buck in terms of being resourceful about how you use your time to study. If I only have in it amount of time to study that is not unlimited, which literally happens for every exam period, I want to make sure that I am using my time in a way that represents great efficiency and value. These web sites, these final grade calculator websites, are the most effective and helpful tool for figuring out what you need to be focusing on the most, and what you need to be focusing on the least, in terms of using your final exams to get the final grades in every one of your individual courses. The algorithm and equation is extremely simple, and it only needs three variables from you, which are basically available on instant command, and don’t require any outside consultation, unless you a forgotten what your final grade in the course is, which is usually pretty easy to obtain.