Love seen from different points of view

Love seen from different points of view

Love is such a widely open concept and therefore, it can be represented is so many ways that you can find love pictures, music about love and scientific research properly carried out about this matter. From the lyrics of your favorite song to the article you read in the newspaper this morning, you have examples of different manners in which this idea is considered for different purposes. These purposes correspond to different fields of work what are present and play an important part in our world today.

A scientific perspective

As the concept of love is very hard to define, a scientific definition for it cannot be properly understood since Science consists of fields of study that are pretty accurate and precise; and love is an abstract concept. Regardless of that, science has done a huge amount of work on the basis of love. Scientists have described how this feeling affects our body. Luckily, the effects are primarily positive.

An artistic perspective

A more interesting and developed view on this emotion is the one art has undertaken. First of all, art has many forms and each one of them has a place for love. Music has provided us love songs; literature, love stories and novels; fine arts have created love paintings and sculptures, etc. The nice thing about this variety is that it allows us to admire this feeling demonstrated in many visual ways. We can find these artworks at museums and on the internet in form of images.

A digital perspective

There is a modern side of art that also deserves to be discussed: photography. It is easier to take photographs thanks to technological advances than it was for sculptor to make their work in the past. Even though the previously mentioned forms of art are still valid, photography is still a novelty. Photographs have been taken since 1800 but cameras are being improved all years and they lead to better results. The idea of love is a very rich concept from the photographer’s point of view. The same happens with scientists and artists.
A combination of the talent of these modern artists with a nice landscape and a love demonstration can lead to the most beautiful portrayal of love, if taken professionally. There are as much romantic pictures as there are studies about romance and artwork based on the concept. Considering this, why not treat yourself with some beautiful love pictures that can be easily obtained?