How this electric scooter can save the world

If I could have any motor scooter on the planet, it would be the one that is made by UNU. UNU has an innovative business model which allows you to purchase an affordable motor scooter that is completely electric. That means that you don’t have to worry about pollution it all, everything is powered by electricity. That electricity can come from any Source you want, because the battery is removable and can plug into any Outlet. So you can plug it into solar or renewable and energy if you have the access, or, if you don’t have the access, you can just plug it in at home. Regardless, all it takes is 5 hours to charge for about three days worth of driving. Yes this is the perfect City Driver. It’s not great for the Country Roads, as the speed limit map decided about 45 kilometers an hour, but if you’re just looking to explore your city and get from place to place, and never have to worry about finding a giant parking spot, this is the best solution for you. The company’s business model also revolves around providing the people who need it with it. That means, they’re not developing an Overstock, they wait until your order comes in, and then they put your specific scooter, of which you chosen the color and engine, into production. Once it’s done being produced, it gets delivered to your door. Right to your door, in a box. That is what I call service. And, they only deliver at a time that you say is convenient for you. Once it’s delivered, you open the box, and it is already road ready. That’s what I’m talking about. That is the type of service that more businesses should be pressures to conform to.