Common problems faced by real estate agents

Common problems faced by real estate agents

Problems are frequently encountered in all sphere of life. Although in the real estate business there are always moments in the sense that you will always have at least one or two transactions to make. There are more opportunities with new customers on a regular basis, but there some setback that comes with real estate.

I will like to highlight some problems common to West Vancouver realtors that every single dealer will face

  • Inability to control the market:

One particular problem faced by Burnaby real estate agents is the failure to monitor the market of the local area. This problem is unavoidable; no realtor can actually control the market. The only thing they are like to control is how you can convince your customer about the situation. Since the local market plays a vital role in the selling of property or not, you have to be conscious of the time when the area will be a selling market and when it would be a buy market. This way you will be opened to the opportunity to exploit the time to your advantage.

  • When emotions comes in the business

Selling and buying a home can be pretty emotional, as a realtor you will experience times when clients will get messy with their feelings, like sadness, nervousness, stress, uncertainty, anger or even happiness. Sometimes customers will get mad over property’s prices and begin to react based on it. Realtors should show maturity at this point.

  • Disagreement over property’s price

There are times buyer will disagree with the price of a property, and there are also times where sellers will think their property is worth more than the price you give them. Pricing issues are seen to be the biggest problem of all. Vast majority of clients will be adamant over the prices you offer them, but it is your job to explain and educate the customers about the effect of the price they are offering.

  • Times when the location affects the deal

There are times when a costumer has found his or her dream home, but the problem is in the area they want it to be. This definitely over the dealer’s control and this might make you feel of less quality. The only thing you try to do in this case is to provide the client with adequate information about the community and the progress in it.

Consistency is the key

Consistency is the key

When approaching buying or selling  Burnaby real estate like marketing all other places any West Vancouver realtor with credibility will tell you, you have to keep at it, and keep at it long and hard.  While the average time it takes to sell a house in Burnaby is about a month with the selling price climbing over recent months, you will probably need to be at the coal face for a lot longer than that before you see any results.  It so often happens that frustration and boredom can set in before the finish line. Your success will depend on a definite plan and a plan to stick to it.


A realtor needs to be totally committed from the word go, one cannot just be trying the career for size to see if it suits your personality. You need to know that this is what you want to do because it is a 24/7 job. Tramping the neighbourhood you have chosen and getting to really know it well is vital if you expect to be taken seriously by your buyers and sellers alike. As a realtor who is familiar with the locality you are more likely to be trusted. This trust is something you need to build. Treating the job as a passing experiment will yield no results and you will just be wasting your time. You need to be prepared to “do the time” In fact you can expect to earn absolutely nothing from selling real estate for up to six months before you get your first sale and commission.  Be prepared for this.

Keep the result in focus 

Keep an eye on your end goal, but do not be so wrapped up in the results as to forget the journey. There is a lot of groundwork that needs doing. Apart from the slog of tramping around getting to know the place you will need to spend time networking, face to face with locals and spending time talking on the phone. Realtors have to be great communicators. If you are not prepared to give it your all you may as well give up and choose something else to do. Nobody said it was easy but the rewards are great.

Keep momentum

While being the best West Vancouver realtor is not a walk in the park you need self-belief.  Keep to your strategy and do not lose momentum. Keep being the best you can be giving quality advice and superior customer service.





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