Best Apps of 2016 Based on their App Store Rankings

Best Apps of 2016 Based on their App Store Rankings

Mobile phone apps are the bread and butter of the digital age. They make our life easier and way more fun than it is. Thus, here is a list of app that users loved in 2016 and are marked as the best according to their app store rankings.

·         Signal

Even though the official app for Signal was released in 2017, the initial app back from 2014 also gained a huge amount of attention. Basically, Signal is everything that a person can ask from an Instant Messaging application and with an extra encryption policy in the mix to keep your conversation secure. This makes it one of the best rated apps of 2016.

·         SnapChat

SnapChat literally took the world by storm – Or more accurately, the puppy filter took the world by storm. However, that is not all SC does. SnapChat is basically an app that allows users to upload images and 10-second videos and apply various effects to them as well. SnapChat also released a gadget that consists of a built-in camera which can record 10-second videos automatically.

·         Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go can be defined as an augmented reality game that requires users to walk around and catch certain virtual creatures called Pokémon. Even though the game died in the same year of its release, it still got pretty famous during its time. Pokémon Go has earned over $1 Billion for the company, and is the fastest game to do so.

·         Spotify

Spotify is an online music and podcast distributing application that allows users to stream the latest songs. While the application is free along with a few paid features, it has over 100 million users, out of which 40 million are paying customers. Major functionality changes in 2016 are the reason that Spotify is being featured on our list.

·         Prisma

Prisma is extremely similar to some of the previous applications that allow users to edit and add effects to their images. But, unlike previous applications, Prisma offers unique effects and animations. Prisma’s popularity can be proved by the fact that in the very first day of the app’s release, it was downloaded over 1.7 Million times.

·         Bitmoji

Bitmoji, now renamed to Bitstrips, is another app that can add effects and animation to images. It can convert a physical animation of the character and can allow its users to add those animations to over 10,000 different scenarios. Ever since SnapChat has purchased the app, it has become all the more popular.

·         Vevo

Vevo is the brainchild of some of the most successful music groups in the world. Vevo was presented by companies like Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group. Vevo is the platform that holds the record for the most certified music videos available on the internet.

So, there you have it. The best apps ever according to their app store rankings right at your fingertips.